GF2 Humimeter - Building Moisture Meter for Master Builder

  • Part #:HM-13747
  • Weight:265g
  • Availability: In Stock

Price: $700.00
Price: $945.00


The Humimeter GF2 building moisture meter in this configuration can make the tasks and everyday work of a master builder easier. This product can be used to determine the water content in floors, insulating materials and brickwork.  It can be used to accurately estimate how long the drying process will take.  Check if your plaster, wood or parquet have reached the correct water content.  Furthermore you are able to measure the air humidity or the surface temperature with an infrared sensor that is included in the package.

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Sensors included in the package:

Features and Specifications:

  • Measurements are given within seconds without prior treatment of samples
  • Hold function, manual saving of results, datalogging for 10,000 logs with measuring point report
  • Large, well-lit LCD display
  • PC software for data archiving and graphic display of climate data
  • Resolution: 0.1% water content
  • Measuring range air humidity 0-100% R.H.
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Infrared temperature measurement -25°C to +125°C / -13°F to 257°F
  • Infrared optics, 1:10
  • Customizable according to individual requirements