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MAP Oxygen Analyzer - MAP-900041

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MAP Oxygen Analyzer
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MAP Oxygen Analyzer
Price: USD 2,250.00 (CAD 2,925.00) Estimated Price
Part #: MAP-900041
Size: 6
Units: each
Weight: 2.5 Ibs

This MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Oxygen Analyzer is used to measure the gas levels inside individual product packages.  Gas is measured by sampling the package using a sample needle inserted into the package headspace.  Sample is drawn through a sample line, measured and readings are held on the display until the next sample cycle is requested.  Unit may be operated using line power or by an internal battery pack that provides up to 6 hour standalone operation. (16 hour battery power available as an option)  The unit measures down to 0.001% for Residual O2 and up to 100% for Enhanced Oxygen.

Features :

  • Measures Residual Oxygen for Oxygen-Free MAP, or Oxygen fill for Enhanced Oxygen MAP.
  • Sealed for Harsh Environments - Industrial NEMA-4 Design.
  • Cordless Operation . Single or Double Shift
  • Easy to use - Single button - Headspace O2 in 15 Seconds.
  • Customer Changeable Self-Calibrating E-C O2 sensor.
  • Small (6"x3"x3"), lightweight (2.5 Lbs), and rugged.


  • Measurement Methods: Oxygen-Specific Electro Chemical Sensor, Auto-Calibrating.
  • Measuring Range: 0.000 to 100.0% O2
  • Resolution: 0.001% Below 10.00%, 0.01% above 10.00%
  • Accuracy: 4% relative to gas reading, or 0.010% (100ppm) absolute
  • Response time: 8 seconds to 95% Final Reading, 15 Seconds to 99% Final Reading.
  • Sampling Rate: 4 ml/sec
  • Sample Time: Factory default 15 seconds, Adjustable in 1 second increments.
  • Gas-Borne Contaminate Protection Built-In: External and internal water blocking and particle filters protect analyzer from test gas-borne contamination
  • Warm up: Full accuracy in 30 seconds.
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to +40C (+32F to +104F)
  • Power: 10 VAC/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz Universal Wall Supply or 6 hour internal battery pack (16 hour optional battery pack available – see accessories)
  • O2 Sensor life: 12-18 months depending on use.
  • O2 Sensor Replacement: Customer Accessible – Simple 5 minute replacement with self-calibration – no need for factory return/service.
  • PC interface: Fully Sealed Serial Port, 9600 baud.



Ordering Information:  
Part# Description     US$ List
MAP-900041 Oxygen Gas Analyzer - standard battery  $     2,250.00
MAP-900042 Oxygen Gas Analyzer - extended 16 hour battery  $     2,650.00
NOTE: Includes: Soft case, sample needle, sample line, 2 filters, internal battery pack, wall charger and manual.
Accessories and Replacement Parts:      US$ List
MAP-900XX2 16 Hour exteded battery option  $         400.00
MAP-001246 MAP Headspace Gas Analyzer Test Stand  $         490.00
MAP-108126 25 mm Filter, Analyzer (6 pack)  $           65.00
MAP-000617 Sample Needle, 22 AWG, Cross Drilled  $           25.00
MAP-000888 Sample Needle Cleaning Tool  $           60.00
MAP-001015 Septum, 1/2" diam x 0.062 thick, 1000/roll  $           75.00
MAP-001140G O2 Sensor (For CO2 below 20%, Green Band  $         170.00
MAP-0010157  CO2 Resistant O2 Sensor (For CO2 above 20%) Red Band  $         270.00
MAP-001386 18" coiled sample line, Luer Lock fittings  $           40.00
MAP-001527 Power Supply, Wall mount, 15V 1A 90D Ang.  $           90.00
MAP-001172 Soft Case, 9000/1 NEMA-4 Series  $         120.00
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