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Scigiene offers a wide variety of temperature dataloggers for all your monitoring needs.

We offer both single-use and multi-use options for shipping and temperature monitoring applications. This ranges from the Tempchecks single-use strip chart recorder-the most basic to the C/TEMPs USB, Micro and LCD series which logs, provides instant validation and stores temperature readings for future records. The LCD series offers a IP66 waterproof protection as well! We also offer options for HACCP applications with our 21 CFR-DB software for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

Tecnosofts high temperature pasteurization, sterilization and pressure dataloggers are also available at Scigiene. These high grade loggers are great for high temperature and pressure applications, such as cook houses, retorts and autoclaves or can be customized to meet many process needs.

If you need a datalogger and do not see it here please call us and we will be happy to guide you through the selection process and guide you to the most suitable dataloggers.
Marathon Bluetooth Dataloggers
Marathon NEW Multi-Use LCD Dataloggers
Marathon Single-Use Dataloggers
Marathon Multi-Use EDL Series Dataloggers
Marathon Multi-Use MicroDL Dataloggers
Marathon Cryogenic (-200C) Dataloggers
Tecnosoft Pasteurization (100C) Dataloggers
Tecnosoft Sterilization (140C) Dataloggers
Pressure Dataloggers
Humidity Dataloggers
Process Control/Environmental/Analog Dataloggers
Thermal Profilers (Oven Profile Dataloggers)
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