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Novus LogBox-RHT/LCD Dual Channel Temperature & Humidity Dataloggers

Logbox-RHT and LogBox-RHT-LCD are dual channel data loggers with built-in temperature and relative h (more...)
$187.00 (USD)
$252.45 (CAD)

Novus LogBox-DA Dual Channel Digital/Analog Input Datalogger

Logbox-DA is a dual input data logger which accepts digital signals in one channel and analog voltag (more...)
$133.00 (USD)
$179.55 (CAD)

Novus LogBox-AA Dual Channel external Temperature Probe Datalogger

The Dual Channel LogBox-AA directly accepts several analog industrial signals and sensors as voltage (more...)
$154.00 (USD)
$207.90 (CAD)