Scigiene Sterile Cellulose Sponge w/handle

  • Part #:SH10NB/SH10DE
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This sterile pre-moistened cellulose sponge with quick release handle is designed for sampling for microbiological contamination on almost any surface. It is a convenient ready to use product, supplied in a sterile foil pouch, designed to eliminate the costly, time-consuming steps of diluent preparation, sterilization and application to sampling devices. Simply remove the handle (sponge attached) from the foil pouch, collect sample, return to supplied twirl-tie bag, release sponge into bag, twirl bag closed and send to lab for analysis. The added convenience of the quick release handle allows for the sponge to be released directly into the supplied twirl-tie bag after sample collection. Only the sponge goes back into the bag after sample collection eliminating any unnecessary parts that may interfere with sample processing. The Scigiene Cellulose sponge is pre-moistened with 10 mL Neutralizing Buffer, is attached to a quick release handle and is Sterile.
Features & Specifications:
  • Ideal for surface sampling
  • Allows to reach hard-to-reach areas
  • Easier handling
  • Sterile-One time use
  • Made to avoid sponge wedging
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Plastic sponge handle with a strong grip
Ordering Instructions:
  • Part#: SH10NB - Scigiene Sterile Cellulose Sponge with quick release handle and Neutralizing Buffer -100 units (10 packs of 10 units)- $155.00 US
  • Part#: SH10DE - Sterile Cellulose Sponge w/handle - DE neutralizing buffer - 100 units (10 packs of 10 units)- $175 US
  • Part#: SH10BPW - Sterile Cellulose Sponge w/handle -Buffered Peptone Water - 100 units (10 packs of 10 units)- $175 US
  • Part#: SH10LB - Sterile Cellulose Sponge w/handle - Letheen Broth - 100 units (10 packs of 10 units) - $175 US