TDS Total Dissolved Solids

TDS Total Dissolved Solids

TDS or Total dissolved solids can be measured using a variety of instruments using both refractometers or via probes depending on your needs. Please review your options and or contact us with specific details and we will be happy to guide you to the best solution for you.

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Waterproof TDS Testers

Part #: MW-T75 & MW-T76
These simple and easy-to-use testers are designed for all applications. Their IP67 Waterproof casin (more...)
$73.15 (USD)
$98.75 (CAD)

Waterproof Pocket Size EC/TDS/Temp Meters

Part #: MW-EC59 & MW-EC60
These new waterproof Pocket-size EC/TDS/Temp Meters include features such as a replaceable probe, te (more...)
$102.40 (USD)
$138.24 (CAD)

Waterproof Portable TDS Meters

Part #: MW-401 & MW-402
These are compact yet portable TDS Meters with Fast Micro Processors. They are suitable for a wide (more...)
$98.50 (USD)
$132.98 (CAD)

pH/EC/TDS Portable Meters

Part #: MW-801 & MW-802
These compact Portable Meters with fast Micro Processor, allow you to measure pH, EC (conductivity) (more...)
$210.60 (USD)
$284.31 (CAD)

Automatic & Logging Meter for EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp

Part #: MW-Mi306
The MW-Mi306 has an auto-ranging feature of the EC and TDS ranges that automatically sets the meter (more...)
$483.60 (USD)
$652.86 (CAD)

Portable 4-in-1 Meter Kits

Part #: MW-Mi805 & MW-Mi806
The MW-Mi805 and MW-Mi806 offer you a combination of pH, Conductivity, total dissolved solids and te (more...)
$452.40 (USD)
$610.74 (CAD)

TDS Monitor

Part #: MW-MC410
This TDS Monitor enables you to monitor TDS values and is ideal for a wide variety of applications. (more...)
$101.40 (USD)
$136.89 (CAD)

Laboratory EC/TDS/NaCl/Temperature Bench Meter

Part #: MW-Mi170
The MW-Mi170 measures 4 different parameters - EC, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), percentage of NaCl (more...)
$854.10 (USD)
$1,153.04 (CAD)

Laboratory pH/ORP/EC/TDS/NaCl/Temperature Bench Meter

Part #: MW-Mi180-US
MW-Mi180 measures 6 different parameters: pH, ORP, EC, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), percentage of N (more...)
$975.00 (USD)
$1,316.25 (CAD)