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Scigiene-21CFR Gen 2 Systems

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The Scigiene wireless 21CFR Gen 2 Systems are everything that you need for remote monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Current, Voltage, Vibration and much more. It is ideal for pharmaceutical, medical and other high tech applications where loss of data is unacceptable. Data collected by the sensors is sent wirelessly to a Receiver. Repeaters are also available to extend the range of any sensors. iMonnit is a secure cloud based monitoring and notification software dedicated to the Scigiene Wireless sensors and Gateways. The software allows for management of sensor data as well as the ability to setup alerts via SMS text or e-mail. The sensors have an amazing range of over 1000 ft. with 10 year battery life and can be remotely upgraded via network connections. Unlike most standard wireless sensors these also log the data (512 readings) preventing loss of data due to network outages or power failures. These are truly the most advanced wireless systems available.
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