Protein/Allergen Test Swabs

Protein/Allergen Test Swabs
Scigiene is the Canadian distributor for Hygiena and supplies the Proclean and Allersnap swabs for detecting residual proteins. This low level detection of proteins can be used for sanitation verification and detection of residual allergens on surfaces.

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Hygiena PRO-Clean - Protein Hygiene Tester

Hygiena PRO-Clean is a quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of food equipment su (more...)
$195.00 (USD)
$263.25 (CAD)

Hygiena AllerSnap Detection Swab

ALLER-Snap detects residual proteins and allergens quickly and is a quick and easy way to accurately (more...)
$228.15 (USD)
$308.00 (CAD)

*NEW* Hygiena Allerflow Gluten Test

Scigiene’s AllerFlow Gluten is a rapid and convenient test for detection of gluten residue on s (more...)
$334.75 (USD)
$451.91 (CAD)

Hygiena Collapsible Swab Extender

Hygiena Swab Extenders are easy-to-use collapsible reaching aids, available in multiple lengths, ena (more...)
$257.50 (USD)
$347.63 (CAD)

Hygiena Swab Cooler Bag

Carrying Case and cooler for your Swabs and SystemSure. Ideal for those of you on the go to protect (more...)
$36.01 (USD)
$48.61 (CAD)

Hygiena Small Format Digital Dry Block Incubator with 12 Swab Well Heating Block

Hygiena’s Digital Dry Block Incubators are designed specifically for Hygiena’s wide variet (more...)
$340.00 (USD)
$459.00 (CAD)