Process Control/Environmental/Analog Dataloggers

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Novus FieldLogger PLUS

FieldLogger is a versatile, powerful and yet cost effective data logger handling analog, digital and (more...)
$1,250.00 (USD)
$1,687.50 (CAD)

Novus myPCLab USB Universal Input Datalogger

myPCLab is a very compact Data Acquisition tool which connects to a PC via a USB port and monitors (more...)
$199.00 (USD)
$268.65 (CAD)

Novus LogBox-DA Dual Channel Digital/Analog Input Datalogger

Logbox-DA is a dual input data logger which accepts digital signals in one channel and analog voltag (more...)
$133.00 (USD)
$179.55 (CAD)

Novus LogBox-AA Dual Channel external Temperature Probe Datalogger

The Dual Channel LogBox-AA directly accepts several analog industrial signals and sensors as voltage (more...)
$154.00 (USD)
$207.90 (CAD)

Intech pH Temperature Logger

The pH-HR is a small Three Channel High Resolution pH and Temperature Datalogger housed in a rugged (more...)
$540.00 (USD)
$729.00 (CAD)

Intech Water Level & Temperature Datalogger

This high resolution logger is fitted with a water height probe available in 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m or 2m le (more...)

Intech Four Channel Analog Datalogger

This high resolution (12 bit) rugged Stainless Steel datalogger can be configured to accept up to 4 (more...)
$575.00 (USD)
$776.25 (CAD)

Intech Multi Channel Analog Datalogger

The IT0229 is a high resolution (12 bit) multipurpose datalogger with eight analog and two digital p (more...)
$899.00 (USD)
$1,213.65 (CAD)

Intech Windspeed Sensor

This Windspeed Sensor (Anemometer) is used for the measurement of wind velocity. It is manufactured (more...)

Intech Light/Solar Energy Sensor

The Light/Solar Energy Sensor (pyranometer) has been designed to provide a wide spectral response, a (more...)
$275.00 (USD)
$371.25 (CAD)

Intech Leaf Wetness Sensor

The Leaf Wetness Sensor has been designed to measure the amount of precipitated or condensed water e (more...)
$425.00 (USD)
$573.75 (CAD)