Type-K, 4” T-Handle Fast Response Probe with Reduced Tip

  • Part #:TW-4TH
  • Weight:1.00
  • Availability: Inquire

Price: $102.00
Price: $137.70


Heavy Duty T-Handle Penetration Probe with ¼” diameter stem for even tougher use. Shaft reduces to 3/16" with a conical point for easy insertion and fast response.

Optional Accessories

Part #: CT-1000/CT-2000
$12.00 (USD)
$16.20 (CAD)
CleanTEMP tubes for thermometers

Part #: PT-PW200
$9.95 (USD)
$13.43 (CAD)
These probe wipes are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize probes and help prevent cross contamination.

Part #: PT-PW1000
$32.00 (USD)
$43.20 (CAD)
Contains 5 boxes of 200 individually packaged single-use wipes, saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol (more...)