Pulp, Paper and Forestry

Pulp, Paper and Forestry

Scigiene offers the leading edge Humimeter line of moisture analyzers to measure the moisture content of pulp, paper and forestry products through every stage of the process.

Moisture analysis and control is the one fundamental analysis that can make or break an operation. High moisture in products at any stage can affect the mechanical operations of paper/board mills. High moisture leads to cost overruns due to you paying for water instead of wood or pulp. Too high and coatings or inks do not bind. Too dry and the paper breaks in the mill process or absorbs too much costing or inks. Unlike most other moisture analyzers that make accuracy claims that are fundamentally unfounded, the Humimeter line provides the most accurate moisture analysis simply because Humimeter is also the leading accredited moisture analysis lab in the world. For critical processes (they are all critical) our custom analysis of your products and custom curve entry into the Humimeter analyzers makes a huge difference when true accuracy is needed to improve processes and reduce costs. Call us today for more details on how we can save you 100’s of time the cost of our systems.   

Sub Categories

Lumber Mills

Lumber Mills traditionally trim the incoming logs and then cut them to size before Kiln drying.  The kiln process is tricky and if not done correctly the wood warps or splits and becomes waste or (more...)

Pulp Mills

It might seem contradictory to worry about moisture in pulp chips or incoming paper for recycling when after all you are simply soaking them in water to begin the paper making process. And yet if your (more...)

Paper Converters

Paper converters are the people in the middle of everything! They receive paper over which they have little control and they produce converted products and supply many customers that have no way to an (more...)

Print and Packaging

In Printing and Packaging we may offer the most valuable service to all in to whole chain from pulp mills to printers. The correct moisture content is critical to consistent printing and the ever-i (more...)


Schaller produces the Leading Humimeter line of moisture analyzers. Not only are these superior to other makes but the overall design allows for actual cost savings. If you are producing wood products (more...)