Universal Controllers

Universal Controllers

Scigiene is the Canadian distributor for Novus Automation. Here we have an excellent range of high quality controllers to meet a wide range of uses. Our Universal Controllers are designed to accept a wide range of analog inputs in order to allow displays of non- standard sensor types. Please be sure to ask about signal isolators to protect your investments and review the Displays and Transmitter sections for crossover products.

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Novus Process Controller N120

Part #: NV-81200A1000
N120 is a versatile process controller. It holds in one single instrument all the main features need (more...)
$136.00 (USD)
$183.60 (CAD)

Novus Universal Controller N1100

Part #: NV-8110000120
One single instrument with all the features needed for the vast majority of industrial processes. Bo (more...)
$253.00 (USD)
$341.55 (CAD)

Novus Universal Controller N1200

Part #: NV-8120000120
N1200 is an advanced self-adaptive PID controller that constantly monitors the process performance a (more...)
$259.00 (USD)
$349.65 (CAD)

Novus Universal Controller N2000

Part #: NV-8200000130
Ideal for high performance applications, this instrument has all the features need for most industri (more...)
$310.00 (USD)
$418.50 (CAD)

Novus Universal Controller N2000S

Part #: NV-82000S0130
Designed to control servo motorized valves, servo actuators and dampers by a linear output or two re (more...)
$240.00 (USD)
$324.00 (CAD)

Novus Universal Controller N3000

Part #: NV-8300000130
This is a fully featured high performance controller, equipped to handle the most advanced industria (more...)
$313.00 (USD)
$422.55 (CAD)