Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters

Scigiene offers a wide range of high quality temperature transmitters including models that are isolated. We have high accuracy models for converting RTD’s, thermistors and thermocouples to analog and RS485 signals and are programmable for on the floor calibrations. Some models also offer microprocessor based circuits to enable full configuration of the output range when used with our configuration software for even greater precision.

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Novus TxIsoRail Isolated Temperature Transmitter

Part #: NV-8806030306
TxIsoRail is fully programmable isolated temperature transmitters dedicted to Pt100 and thermocouple (more...)
$108.00 (USD)
$145.80 (CAD)

Novus TxMini Block Head Mounting RTD Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8806040406
TxMiniBlock is a cost-effective programmable RTD temperature transmitter for head mounting. With a u (more...)
$57.00 (USD)
$76.95 (CAD)

Novus TxBlock USB 2-Wire Head Mounting Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8806000410
TxBlock is a fully programmable head mount temperature transmitter for Pt100 and Thermocouple Sensor (more...)
$62.00 (USD)
$83.70 (CAD)

Novus TxIsoPack USB Isolated Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter

Part #: NV-8807000000
TxIsoPack-USB is a fully isolated 4 to 20 mA two-wire loop powered temperature transmitter for in-he (more...)
$104.00 (USD)
$140.40 (CAD)

Novus TxRail-USB - DIN Rail Temperature Transmitter

Part #: NV-8806037306
TxRail-USB is an USB configurable DIN rail mount temperature transmitter. It allows selection and co (more...)
$76.00 (USD)
$102.60 (CAD)

Novus TxIsoRail HART Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8808010100
The TxIsoPack-HRT and TxIsoRail-HRT are high performance temperature transmitters which convert RTDs (more...)
$205.40 (USD)
$277.29 (CAD)

Novus TEMP-WM & TEMP-DM Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8803809706
The TEMP-WM and TEMP-DM transmitter series incorporate the best high accuracy and great stability te (more...)
$107.00 (USD)
$144.45 (CAD)

Novus TxConfig HART Interface

Part #: NV-8816021059
The TxConfig-HART is a configuration interface for transmitters with HART protocol. It can be used (more...)
$287.00 (USD)
$387.45 (CAD)