Mycotoxin Test Kits

Mycotoxin Test Kits

Scigiene offers both Qualitative and Quantitative Mycotoxin Rapid Test Strips that are used for onsite testing. There are 2 types of Qualitative kits that we offer.

The First are our ECO line. These use Ethanol but require our compact incubator. The FAS line utilize Methyl Alcohol so should be used in a fume hood but do not require incubation.

Based on your lab set up you can decide which is best for you or contact us for advice.

We also offer Quantitative kits that use our special reader to give results that compete with Elisa systems at a fraction of the cost. Inquire about our leasing option here also? 

All of these Mycotoxin kits are convenient to use, provide rapid results and offer high sensitivity.

As part of our goal to help improve your results, Scigiene also offers cleanup columns for Mycotoxin testing that uses immunoaffinity technology (reversible specific binding of antigen-antibody) to extract specific Mycotoxins from samples that might otherwise interfere with Lateral Flow or Elisa test kits. Foods contain thousands of chemicals which might interfere in ways unknown with advanced test methods. Our IAC columns allow specific extraction of Mycotoxins to allow testing without other potential interferences. Far too often Mycotoxin tests are being run using basic kits (or even ELISA) with no verification as to whether interference (positive or negative may occur). Our IAC columns solve this by removing the potential interferences and allowing testing only of the target mycotoxins. 

Sub Categories

FAS Quantitative Mycotoxin Kits

Scigiene’s new FAS Quantitative Mycotoxin kits are leading edge technology that utilize our advanced Mycotoxin Lateral Flow strips and our easy to use Mycotoxin LFD Reader. Simply run the LFD test and (more...)

ECO Qualitative Mycotoxin Kits

Scigiene's ECO Qualitative Mycotoxin kits are able to be used anywhere as they utilize Ethanol as the solvent. Using advanced Lateral Flow strip test technology these Mycotoxin kits are conveni (more...)

Immunoaffinity Columns

Scigiene offers Immunoaffinity columns (IAC) to help with concentration and clean up of samples to be tested for specific Mycotoxins. As with any test other chemicals present can interfere or block re (more...)