Balance Precision Scales

Scigiene offers an extensive range of precision top loading balances and scales ranging up to 30kg.

Our Precision Series offers models up to 3100g x 0.01 with AC and DC power supplies, Tare function/Counting/Unit conversion (g/ct/oz), Min weighing set, Overload alarm/Level indicator, with optional dual display/Interface/Printer/Windproof/Dust cover.

Standard Series offer up to 5100gm x 0.01gm, with large size stainless steel pan up to 160cm sq. ,AC and DC power supply, Tare function/Counting/Unit conversion(g/ct/oz), Min weighing set​​​​, Overload alarm/Level indicator, Optional Dual display/Interface/Printer/Dust cover.

Industrial Series offer high capacity and precision up to 28kg x 0.1g with full large pans 315x230mm, AC and DC power supply, Tare function/Counting/Unit conversion(g/ct/oz) (Optional in lbs), Overload alarm/Level indicator, and optional Interface/Printer.

Laboratory Series offer a load of amazing features including a 7" touch screen with ultra modern design. Large range up to 5kg and high precision to 0.01gm, they include full top large size stainless steel pan 305x230mm,AC and DC power supply with 6V/4AH Rechargeable Battery, Date/Time set, Tare function/Counting, Check weigher/Percentage/Density, Net and Gross/Sum, Unit conversion(g/ct/oz), Overload alarm, Connect to PC and printer via RS232/RJ45/USB, optional label printer and can have expanded functions for under weighing/Remote display.

Aqua Series offers amazing prices for full IP68 waterproof scales, easy to clean with full 190x235mm 304 Stainless Steel Pan, up to 30kg, includes features needed for production environments missing on most waterproof scales, are shockproof, do speed weighing with speed stability, the pan is a Stainless steel plate with a load-bearing bracket for overload protection and overload alarm. Also includes features such as LED digital display/Double display, Tare function/Counting, Check weighing, Unit conversion (g/kg/lb), AC and DC power supply Rechargeable battery 6V/5AH lasting 40-60 hours for portable use and with power saving mode!

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