Balance Moisture Balances

Scigiene offer the most extensive range of Moisture balances anywhere, including both Halogen and Infrared models.

We offer the leading edge Excalibur series with a huge Ø100mm pan size and temperature range to 230, 7 inch wireless touch screen, halogen lamp, automatic door, double fan design, stainless steel chamber, internal memory and software, and amazing readability of 0.001g and moisture readability of 0.01%.

And for those looking for more conventional models, we offer the HALO, HALO Plus and Infra series Moisture Balances to offer both price and the best in class features.

Sub Categories

Halo Series

Scigiene’s HALO Moisture balances are high quality halogen moisture balances operate up to 199C and ranging from 1gm to 10 gm accuracy to offer both high accuracy and the most cost effective Moisture (more...)

Infra Series

Scigiene’s INFRA Moisture balance is a high quality infrared moisture balance that operates up to 160C and has 1gm accuracy to offer high accuracy. While most uses will get better results, the rugged& (more...)

Halo Plus Series

Scigiene’s HALO PLUS Moisture balance is a high quality halogen moisture balance with advanced Touch Screen display & operates up to 199C with incredible 1gm accuracy to offer an advanced high acc (more...)

Excalibur Series

Scigiene’s Excalibur series Moisture Balances are the finest moisture balances available anywhere. They have excellent 1 mg resolution (up to 220gm samples) and larger 100mm pans for greater accuracy. (more...)