Facial Recognition Solutions

Facial Recognition Solutions

Scigiene offers the most advanced facial recognition systems that are capable of not only identify individuals entering a facility or in a crowd, but can also identify those persons, indicate compliance with MASK wearing protocols and do non medical temperature screening.

They can record the entry date and time thereby making standard pass cards and password based systems almost obsolete. Passwords and cards can be stolen or shared by careless employees. A high level facial recognition system is more akin to a fingerprint.  The advantage of Facial Recognition over a fingerprint is very relevant in these times. As facilities pass entry restrictions based on personnel or visitors wearing masks, having temperatures screened or even restricting entry to non authorized personnel then we need to rethink if we have controlled entry to our facilities?

If employees on one shift are infected this allows managers to quickly access a file of all other personnel that should be quarantined and be sent for medical testing.  Fast and distant non medical temperature screening is also becoming standard practice and is a good prelude to proper testing by medical personnel.  Anyone using forehead thermometers will notice a big problem. They simply do not read correctly. In fact, no I.R. thermometer should be used for any purpose but general screening.  The other big issue with regular security systems is that personnel must enter passwords, use swipe cards or use other close up ID identification or testing to clear personnel.

The FR-ITS and our other Facial recognition systems simply allow for proper distancing and isolation. The facial recognition can not only identify if personnel are wearing masks but can also audibly request them to do so and can optionally activate alerts or even gate controls to restrict access.   

So, what makes our systems so superior to other options?

Part of the reason it is so advanced is that it overlaps high resolution imaging with high resolution thermal mapping and integrates these into military grade facial recognition software.  This is clearly not the basic facial recognition software you see on cell phones.

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Gatekeeper Facial Recognition System

Part #: FR-ITS-XX
Introducing the Scigiene Gatekeeper Facial Recognition System. The Gatekeeper is an advanced yet v (more...)
$1,034.48 (USD)
$1,396.55 (CAD)