Timer Controllers

Timer Controllers

Scigiene Timer/Controllers offer industrial grade controls that can be set to trip alerts or turn on/off equipment based on timed events and can also be integrated with other control systems.

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Novus Programmable Timer NT240

Part #: NV-8024009080
With a 4 digit display, this timer offers a relay output to be switched at pre-programmed intervals (more...)
$103.00 (USD)
$139.05 (CAD)

Novus Time and Temperature Controller N1040T

Part #: NV-8104219300
N1040T is an economic and efficient Time and Temperature controller, developed with modern technolog (more...)
$79.00 (USD)
$106.65 (CAD)

NovusTimer Controller

Part #: NV-8828001100
The weekly timers TM-619 and TM-6331 are used whenever electrical equipment must be periodically swi (more...)
$39.60 (USD)
$53.46 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller with Timer N322T

Part #: NV-80322T1022
The N322T is a temperature controller for heating and refrigeration purposes with timer support. It (more...)
$60.00 (USD)
$81.00 (CAD)