Scigiene has a wide variety of temperature dataloggers for all your monitoring needs. Single Use models are ideal for shipping applications and come in 2 types: The Tempchecks are the most basic and simply record data to a strip of paper and require no software or computers. The c/temps are electronic and provide electronic data for those requiring tracking of data and higher accuracy. Our EDL and Micro DL series dataloggers are reusable and can be used for a wide variety of applications with models ranging from -200 to 95C. The Micro DL units offer waterproof models with LCD displays, MKT and a variety of probe options as well as models running up to +95C. While great for some shipping these are great for process monitoring for HACCP compliance or for use with our 21 CFR-DB software for 21 CFR part 11 compliance. We also offer high grade Pasteurcyl and Stericyl dataloggers for high temperature and pressure applications, such as cook houses, retorts and autoclaves or can be customized to meet many process needs. If you need a datalogger and do not see it here please call us and we will be happy to guide you through the selection process and guide you to the most suitable dataloggers.

Sub Categories

Marathon Single Use Dataloggers

Single Use Temperature Dataloggers comes pre-programmed per customers specifications. For alarm limits, trip length, start delay etc.

Marathon Multi-Use EDL Series Dataloggers

Programmable dataloggers designed for independent remote use to monitor temperatures for shipping, facilities monitoring, research etc.

Marathon Waterproof MicroDL Dataloggers

The Micro DL dataloggers are compact waterproof dataloggers available with and without probes for temperature from -200C up to 95C with high accuracy. The probe version can come with flex probes are (more...)

Tecnosoft Sterilization Dataloggers

Scigiene supplies Tecnosofts PasteurCyl, PasteurDisk, SterilCyl and SterilDisk dataloggers. These are all specially designed for high temperatures and are made of rugged Stainless Steel and teflon to (more...)

Thermal Profiling

Suitable for industries that need to log high-accuracy temperature, RH and pressure data from hostile environments