Zearalenone (ZEN) Qualitative Rapid Test Strip

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The Zearalenone (ZEN) Qualitative Rapid Test Strip is used for rapid onsite screening because it is convenient to use, provides rapid results and high sensitivity. Antigen is fixed on nitrocellulose membrane test area, which is called T-line. Secondary antibody is fixed on control area which is named C-line. Antibody conjugated with gold nanoparticles is fixed in microwell. If T-line does not change colour, then it means positive result; If T- line appears red, then it means negative result. C-line shall turn red no matter if there is ZEN in sample or not. It is suitable to detect ZEN some feed and feedstuff: corn, sprayed corn husk, corn germ meal, corn gluten meal, pulping germ meal, CDDG, wheat, flour, livestock feed, soybean meal and etc.

Features & Specifications:

  • Detection Range: 60-1500 ppb
  • 96 Tests (8pcs/ vial, 12 vials)
  • 1000uL Tips: 100pcs
  • 200uL Tips: 100pcs
  • 10mL Centrifuge Tube: 100pcs
  • Sample Diluent: 500mL x 1 bottle
  • Store at 2-8
  • Expiry date is 1 year
  • Test time: 9 mins

Required Accessories

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