Temperature Probes Customized

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The problems most of us face with our thermometers is not with the thermometer! Most frequently it is with broken cables, connectors and probes. The solution is simply to build better quality probes with stronger more durable probes more suited to the application. The Solution: we will custom manufacture durable probes to YOUR specifications and at prices that are very competitive with the probes you presently buy. Just open and print the below Probe Specification form listed below under Technical Specifications that best fits your needs, complete the appropriate boxes and fax or e-mail it to us for a rapid quote (sometimes the same day).

Teflon Reinforced Cable Probe
Teflon Reinforced Cable Probe
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Technical Information

Temperature Probe M01 with Thermal Head design sheet

M02 Temperature Probe w/integral extension cable & options

M02B/C Bead Style Temp Probe & Temp Probe w/integral connector design sheet

Hand-held Temperature Probe csutom design sheet. Please download this sheet and check off the boxes or design your own.

Temperature Probe M05 Sanitary design sheet

Optional Accessories

Part #: CT-1000/CT-2000
$12.00 (USD)
$16.20 (CAD)
CleanTEMP tubes for thermometers

Part #: PT-PW200
$13.00 (USD)
$17.55 (CAD)
These probe wipes are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize probes and help prevent cross contamination.

Part #: PT-PW1000
$34.75 (USD)
$46.91 (CAD)
Contains 5 boxes of 200 individually packaged single-use wipes, saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol (more...)