Helios LORA DeepWave Gateway (915MHz)

  • Part #:TS12DWGB
  • Weight:600g
  • Dimensions:150 x 90 x 90 mm
  • Availability:Available

Price: $1,111.60
Price: $1,500.66


Helios LORA Gateway is the heart of the DeepWave system: it receives data from GEA LORA nodes and saves them in the database of TSLog 21, the management software that can be validated and compatible with and regulations in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical and food sectors. The GEA LORA nodes log an send the data detected by the Smart Sensors via LORA radio to Helios which saves them in its memory and manages the alarms. Helios, connected to your network via Ethernet, allows the connection of multiple computers with TSLog 21 to the database. Helios must be powered from the mains and the power supply is included, as well as the ethernet cable.


Main Features

  • Ethernet connection to the local network and the Internet
  • External antenna for greater signal range
  • Large memory to manage a very large network of nodes and sensors
  • Power supply included

The System

The DeepWave system consists of: GEA LORA data loggers with Smart Sensor for temperature, humidity, differential pressure, light and brightness and also Helios, LoRa gateway, data receiver connected to Ethernet & TSLog 21 validation software.


Technical Specifications



150 x 90 x 90 (mm)



600 g



Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Radio

Protocol Radio



Available frequencies


868 MHz, 915 MHz, 920 MHz, 923-2 MHz



Email, SMS (Internet connection required)

Data loggers supported


Gea LORA nodes,

Power supply


5 V Micro USB (adapter included)

Software & Mobile App


TSLog 21

Regulation compatibility




Required Accessories

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