Marathon Bluetooth Dataloggers

Marathon Bluetooth Dataloggers

Our NEW Bluetooth and NFC data loggers from Marathon all offer interfacing with the traditional PC based MaxiThermal software as well as communication via Web based APP's to allow communication via mobile devices. It is time to toss the cables! You can quickly view data on your mobile devices and then later analyze the reports on your PC. Finally dataloggers that offer the advantage of old style PC based software and also mobile based APPs. If you think this is for you please review the current models and/or contact us (more models are on the way).

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EDLBT04 Multi-use Temperature and Humidity Logger with Bluetooth connectivity

Part #: MA0297
The EDL-BT04 is a power saving wireless temperature and RH data logger, using the latest Bluetooth 4 (more...)
$115.00 (USD)
$155.25 (CAD)

EDL-BT55 Multi-use Temperature Logger with Bluetooth connectivity and 55 meter range

Part #: MA0263
THE EDL-BT55 is a long-range Bluetooth temperature data logger using a power saving Nordic N51822 ch (more...)
$125.00 (USD)
$168.75 (CAD)