Marathon Cryogenic (-200°C) Dataloggers

Marathon Cryogenic (-200°C) Dataloggers

Marathons -80C and -200C dataloggers have long been the leaders in this category. This is the core of the Marathon line so you can be sure they are the best. Special models for LN2 Dewar’s as well as for complete immersion in liquid CO2 are our Forte.

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Marathon 3CTEMP USB -200C Temperature Logger

Part #: MA0262
Multi-use Temperature Data Logger with Dual Sensors, Built-in Probe, and Real-Time LCD Display for I (more...)
$365.00 (USD)
$492.75 (CAD)

Marathon MaxiLog-LN2 Single-Use Datalogger

Part #: MA0125
MaxiLog-LN2 is the revolutionary, single-use, pre-programmed, electronic temperature data recorder s (more...)
$115.00 (USD)
$155.25 (CAD)

Marathon EDL-LN2 Cryogenic Dual Channel Temperature Datalogger with RTD Probe

Part #: MA0283
The EDL-LN2 has one sensor for ambient range temperatures inside the case, and one external RTD prob (more...)
$495.00 (USD)
$668.25 (CAD)

Micro DL -200°C Liquid Nitrogen datalogger

Part #: MA0230-FP
Monitor and validate your critical stem cells and biologics during transportation and storage with o (more...)
$550.00 (USD)
$742.50 (CAD)