Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controllers

Scigiene is the Canadian distributor for Novus Automation. We have an amazing range of Temperature controllers that are well priced and yet are still extremely competitive and offer high quality engineering that is lacking in many cheap controllers no flooding the market. We also supply both standard and custom temperature probes to meet all needs. Please be sure to ask about signal isolators to protect your investments and review the Displays and Transmitter sections for crossover products.

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Novus Temperature Controller N320

Part #: NV-8032001002
This controller displays the temperature of any connected sensors
$77.00 (USD)
$103.95 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller N321

Part #: NV-8032101012
The N321 temperature controller is used to measure, indicate and control temperature in many differe (more...)
$54.00 (USD)
$72.90 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller with Timer N322T

Part #: NV-80322T1022
The N322T is a temperature controller for heating and refrigeration purposes with timer support. It (more...)
$60.00 (USD)
$81.00 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller N322

Part #: NV-8032201022
The N322 is a digital temperature controller for heating and refrigeration purposes with 2 independe (more...)
$64.00 (USD)
$86.40 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller N323

Part #: NV-8032301030
The N323 is a digital temperature controller for heating, refrigeration and alarm purposes with 3 in (more...)
$66.00 (USD)
$89.10 (CAD)

Novus Differential Temperature Controller N321S & N322S

Part #: NV-80321S3012
The N321S and N322S controllers are intended for solar water heating applications. They control the (more...)
$61.00 (USD)
$82.35 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller N1040

Part #: NV-8104010000
The microprocessor based N1040 was designed for low cost applications and yet achieving high degree (more...)
$123.00 (USD)
$166.05 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller N1030

Part #: NV-8103000002
N1030 is a temperature controller that features a high performance PID algorithm in a compact housin (more...)
$49.00 (USD)
$66.15 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller N1020

Part #: NV-8102010000
The temperature controller N1020 features advanced performance capability for the most complex and c (more...)
$139.00 (USD)
$187.65 (CAD)

Novus Temperature Controller N480D

Part #: NV-80408D0080
The N480D series of PID temperature controllers was designed for non-experienced novice users for co (more...)
$189.00 (USD)
$255.15 (CAD)