Hygiena EndoSwab – Endoscope Swab

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The EndoSwab enables cleaning verification of scopes or other reusable instruments with hard to reach internal channels. The device features an absorbent foam tip attached to a long flexible wand. After sampling, the swab tip is removed and used with eitherour UltraSnap, SuperSnap or Microsnaps. The Ultrasnap and Supersnap can be used to verify the levels of residual contamination left behind after cleaning, ensuring scopes and other reusable instruments are ready for disinfection and cleaning procedures were effective. The Microsnaps can be used post sterilization to verify true disinfection.


  • Results in 15 seconds Hygiene) 8+ hours for sterility.
  • 3 mm absorbent sponge tip for maximum sample recovery
  • 2.4 m wand length ensures recovery of a representative sample for most endoscope lengths
  • Clinically clean packaging
  • Individually bagged for single use


• Use with Hygiena UltraSnap ATP tests or SuperSnap high sensitivity ATP tests, depending on desired sensitivity or with Microsnaps for sterility testing in 8 hours.


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