Hygiena MicroSnap Positive Control Kit

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The MicroSnap Positive Control Kit is a convenient and easy-to-use kit for verifying the performance of MicroSnap Coliform, E. coli and MicroSnap TOTAL test devices. The kit consists of 10 non-pathogenic individual dried discs containing known numbers of viably stressed E. coli bacteria. The positive control kit provides a common, stable reference material for validating the performance of MicroSnap devices as part of a quality assurance program.


  • Non-pathogenic
  • Kit contains 10 individually packaged controls for several uses
  • Results are given in 8 hours
  • Flexible for use in side-by-side comparison of MicroSnap to other microbiology methods
  • 12 month shelf life at refrigerated temperatures (2°C-8°C)


  • 104 CFU/ disc= 10,000 CFU/Disc non-pathogenic E. coli
  • Compatible with MicroSnap Coliform,E.coli and TOTAL.