Laboratory Timers

Laboratory Timers

Scigiene offers a variety of laboratory timers ranging from simple single channel models up to multichannel units allowing you to alert yourself when a test or reaction is complete.

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Timer Loud Alarm

Part #: TM4
For lengthier tasks, the hour/minute Loud Alarm timer is ideal. It features a Big digit large LCD di (more...)
$19.00 (USD)
$26.03 (CAD)

Timer Waterproof

Part #: TMW1
When you measure your work in minutes and seconds, this waterproof timer is right for you. It featur (more...)
$24.00 (USD)
$32.88 (CAD)

Timer Freshness

Part #: TF1
This Freshness Timer is ideal for monitoring hot and cold items, and sounds an alarm when food shoul (more...)
$10.00 (USD)
$13.70 (CAD)